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Table of Contents
Vol. 81, No. 3, 2008
Issue release date: October 2008
Section title: Review
Free Access
Urol Int 2008;81:247–251

Keratinizing Squamous Metaplasia of the Bladder: A Review

Ahmad I.a · Barnetson R.J.b · Krishna N.S.c
aBeatson Institute for Cancer Research and Departments of bPathology and cUrology, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK
email Corresponding Author

Imran Ahmad

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Garscube Estate, Switchback Road

Bearsden, Glasgow G61 1BD (UK)

Tel. +44 141 330 3973, Fax +44 141 201 2987, E-Mail imranahmad@doctors.net.uk


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