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Table of Contents
Vol. 75, No. 5, 2008
Issue release date: October 2008
Section title: Original Paper
Pathobiology 2008;75:274–280

EphB1 Is Underexpressed in Poorly Differentiated Colorectal Cancers

Sheng Z.a · Wang J.a, b · Dong Y.a · Ma H.a · Zhou H.a · Sugimura H.c · Lu G.b · Zhou X.a
aDepartment of Pathology, Clinical School of Medical College of Nanjing University/Nanjing Jinling Hospital, and bCenter for Molecular Imaging Research, Department of Radiology, Nanjing Jinling Hospital, Nanjing, PR China; cDepartment of Pathology, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan
email Corresponding Author

Xiaojun Zhou, MD, PhD

Department of Pathology

Nanjing University School of Medicine/Nanjing Jinling Hospital

Nanjing 210002 (PR China)

Tel. +86 25 8086 1292, Fax +86 25 8086 0191, E-Mail nanjing_81@yahoo.com


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