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Table of Contents
Vol. 63, No. 6, 2011
Issue release date: October 2011
Section title: Original Paper
Free Access
Folia Phoniatr Logop 2011;63:275–280

Respiratory Changes during Reading in Mandarin-Speaking Adolescents with Prelingual Hearing Impairment

Che W.-C.a · Wang Y.-T.a · Lu H.-J.a · Green J.R.b
aSchool of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC; bDepartment of Special Education and Communication Disorders, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebr., USA
email Corresponding Author

Yu-Tsai Wang

School of Dentistry, Room 411, National Yang-Ming University

No. 155, Sec. 2, Li-Nong St. Beitou District

Taipei 11221, Taiwan (ROC)

Tel. +886 2 2826 7237, E-Mail yutsaiwang@ym.edu.tw


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