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Table of Contents
Vol. 3, No. 1-3, 2006
Issue release date: August 2006
Section title: information technology modelling
ComPlexUs 2006;3:97–107

Traffic Dynamics in Scale-Free Networks

Fekete A.a · Vattay G.a · Kocarev L.b
aCollegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Studies, Budapest, Hungary; bUniversity of California, San Diego, Institute for Nonlinear Sciences, La Jolla, Calif., USA
email Corresponding Author

Attila Fekete,

Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Studies

Szentháromság u. 2.

HU–1014 Budapest (Hungary)

Tel. +36 1 224 8338, Fax +36 1 224 8310, E-Mail fekete@complex.elte.hu


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