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Medicine and Sport Science

Editor(s): Caine D.J. (Georgetown, Tex.) 
Hills A.P. (Brisbane, Qld.) 
Noakes T. (Cape Town) 

Vol. 62 , 2017 available active subscription |  

Acute Topics in Anti-Doping

Editor(s): Rabin O. (Montreal, Que.) 
Pitsiladis Y. (Eastbourne) 

Online access TOC
Vol. 61 , 2016 available active subscription |  

Genetics and Sports

2nd, revised and extended edition
Editor(s): Posthumus M. (Cape Town) 
Collins M. (Cape Town) 

An integrated and holistic understanding of sports and exercise genomics
Online access TOC
Vol. 60 , 2014 available active subscription |  

Diabetes and Physical Activity

Editor(s): Goedecke J.H. (Cape Town) 
Ojuka E.O. (Cape Town) 

The latest knowledge on the relationship between exercise and diabetes
Online access TOC
Vol. 59 , 2012 available active subscription |  

Acute Topics in Sport Nutrition

Editor(s): Lamprecht M. (Graz) 

An excellent source of up-to-date information
Online access TOC

All Back Volumes

Vol. 58, 2012Epidemiology of Injury in Adventure and Extreme Sports TOC
Vol. 57, 2012Rotator Cuff Tear TOC
Vol. 56, 2011The Elite Young Athlete TOC
Vol. 55, 2010Cytokines, Growth Mediators and Physical Activity in Children during Puberty TOC
Vol. 54, 2009Genetics and Sports TOC
Vol. 53, 2008Thermoregulation and Human Performance TOC
Vol. 52, 2008Tai Chi Chuan TOC
Vol. 51, 2007Optimizing Bone Mass and Strength TOC
Vol. 50, 2007Pediatric Fitness TOC
Vol. 49, 2005Epidemiology of Pediatric Sports Injuries TOC
Vol. 48, 2005Epidemiology of Pediatric Sports Injuries TOC
Vol. 47, 2004Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS) TOC
Vol. 46, 2004Principles of Exercise Biochemistry TOC
Vol. 45, 2003Scientific Aspects of Women's Gymnastics TOC
Vol. 44, 2001Body Composition Assessment in Children and Adolescents TOC
Vol. 43, 1998Physical Fitness and Nutrition during Growth TOC
Vol. 42, 1998Physical Work Capacity in Organ Transplantation TOC
Vol. 41, 1996Human Muscular Function during Dynamic Exercise TOC
Vol. 40, 1995Physical and Motor Development in Mental Retardation TOC
Vol. 39, 1994Medicine and Science in Aquatic Sports TOC
Vol. 38, 1993Principles of Exercise Biochemistry TOC
Vol. 37, 1992Integration of Medical and Sports Sciences TOC
Vol. 36, 1992Movement Disorders in Children TOC
Vol. 35, 1992Medicine in Sports Training and Coaching TOC
Vol. 34, 1992Muscle Fatigue Mechanisms in Exercise and Training TOC
Vol. 33, 1991Observations on the Soviet / Canadian Transpolar Ski Trek TOC
Vol. 32, 1991Advances in Nutrition and Top Sport TOC
Vol. 31, 1991Human Growth, Physical Fitness and Nutrition TOC
Vol. 30, 1990Motor Development, Adapted Physical Activity and Mental Retardation TOC
Vol. 29, 1989Normalities and Abnormalities in Human Movement TOC
Vol. 28, 1988China's Sports Medicine TOC
Vol. 27, 1988Principles of Exercise Biochemistry TOC
Vol. 26, 1987Muscular Function in Exercise and Training TOC
Vol. 25, 1987Current Research in Sports Biomechanics TOC
Vol. 24, 1987Sports Women TOC
Vol. 23, 1987Foot and Ankle in Sport and Exercise TOC
Vol. 22, 1986Fitness of a Nation TOC
Vol. 21, 1986Fitness and Health in Industry TOC
Vol. 20, 1985Growth, Health and Fitness of Teenagers TOC
Vol. 19, 1985High Altitude Deterioration TOC
Vol. 18, 1984Physical Structure of Olympic Athletes TOC
Vol. 17, 1984Physiological Chemistry of Training and Detraining TOC
Vol. 16, 1982Physical Structure of Olympic Athletes TOC
Vol. 15, 1981The Female Athlete TOC
Vol. 14, 1981Woman and Sport TOC
Vol. 13, 1981Physiological Chemistry of Exercise and Training TOC
Vol. 12, 1978Health Aspects of Endurance Training TOC
Vol. 11, 1978Pediatric Work Physiology TOC
Vol. 10, 1977The Role of Exercise in International Medicine TOC
Vol. 9, 1976Advances in Exercise Physiology TOC
Vol. 8, 1973Biomechanics III TOC
Vol. 7, 1972Energy Metabolism of Human Muscle TOC
Vol. 6, 1971Biomechanics II TOC
Vol. 5, 1971Exercise and Cardiac Death TOC
Vol. 4, 1969Physical Activity and Aging TOC
Vol. 3, 1969Biochemistry of Exercise TOC
Vol. 2, 1969Biomechanics TOC
Vol. 1, 1969Exercise and Altitude TOC