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Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra

Vol. 6, No. 3, 2016

Issue release date: September – December

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Original Research Article

Elevated Serum Uric Acid Levels Are Related to Cognitive Deterioration in an Elderly Japanese Population

Suzuki K. · Koide D. · Fujii K. · Yamazaki T. · Tsuji S. · Iwata A.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:580–588 (DOI:10.1159/000454660)
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Generalization of Context-Specific Training in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Event-Related Potential Study

Chan S.C.C. · Lam T.L.H. · Fong K.N.K. · Pang M.Y.C. · Chan C.C.H.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:568–579 (DOI:10.1159/000453546)
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Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Serum Levels and Hippocampal Volume in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia due to Alzheimer Disease

Borba E.M. · Duarte J.A. · Bristot G. · Scotton E. · Camozzato A.L. · Chaves M.L.F.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:559-567 (DOI:10.1159/000450601)
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Predictive Factors of Rapid Cognitive Decline in Patients with Alzheimer Disease

Barbe C. · Morrone I. · Novella J.L. · Dramé M. · Wolak-Thierry A. · Aquino J.-P. · Ankri J. · Jolly D. · Mahmoudi R.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:549–558 (DOI:10.1159/000450975)
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The Utility of the Mini-Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination as a Screen for Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes

Hobson P. · Rohoma K.H. · Wong S.P. · Kumwenda M.J.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:541–548 (DOI:10.1159/000450784)
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Magnetic Resonance Volumetry: Prediction of Subjective Memory Complaints and Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Associations with Genetic and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Rogne S. · Vangberg T. · Eldevik P. · Wikran G. · Mathiesen E.B. · Schirmer H.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:529–540 (DOI:10.1159/000450885)
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Donepezil Enhances Frontal Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer's Disease: A Pilot Study

Griffanti L. · Wilcock G.K. · Voets N. · Bonifacio G. · Mackay C.E. · Jenkinson M. · Zamboni G.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:518-528 (DOI:10.1159/000450546)
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Dance Experience and Associations with Cortical Gray Matter Thickness in the Aging Population

Porat S. · Goukasian N. · Hwang K.S. · Zanto T. · Do T. · Pierce J. · Joshi S. · Woo E. · Apostolova L.G.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:508-517 (DOI:10.1159/000449130)
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Cognitive Decline in Patients with Chronic Hydrocephalus and Normal Aging: ‘Growing into Deficits'

de Beer M.H. · Scheltens P.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:500-507 (DOI:10.1159/000450547)
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Hippocampal Volumetry as a Biomarker for Dementia in People with Low Education

Mondragón J.D. · Celada-Borja C. · Barinagarrementeria-Aldatz F. · Burgos-Jaramillo M. · Barragán-Campos H.M.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:486-499 (DOI:10.1159/000449424)
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Long-Term Survival of Patients Receiving Artificial Nutrition in Japanese Psychiatric Hospitals

Abe K. · Yamashita R. · Kondo K. · Takayama K. · Yokota O. · Sato Y. · Kawai M. · Ishizu H. · Nakashima T. · Hayashi H. · Nakata K. · Asaba H. · Kadota K. · Tanaka K. · Morisada Y. · Oshima E. · Terada S. · Middle Western Japan Dementia Study (mid-Dem study)
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:477-485 (DOI:10.1159/000448242)
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Are CSF Biomarkers Useful as Prognostic Indicators in Diagnostically Unresolved Cognitively Impaired Patients in a Normal Clinical Setting

Schjønning Nielsen M. · Simonsen A.H. · Siersma V. · Hasselbalch S.G. · Høgh P.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:465-476 (DOI:10.1159/000449410)
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Detection of Low-Signal Pulvinar Areas Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in Patients with Dementia Experiencing Visual Hallucinations

Sugiura M. · Satoh M. · Tabei K. · Saito T. · Mori M. · Abe M. · Kida H. · Maeda M. · Sakuma H. · Tomimoto H.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:458-464 (DOI:10.1159/000449409)
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The Effect of Spinal Tap Test on Different Sensory Modalities of Postural Stability in Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Abram K. · Bohne S. · Bublak P. · Karvouniari P. · Klingner C.M. · Witte O.W. · Guntinas-Lichius O. · Axer H.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:447-457 (DOI:10.1159/000450602)
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The Effects of Donepezil on 15-Item Geriatric Depression Scale Structure in Patients with Alzheimer Disease

Yang Y. · Kwak Y.T.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:437-446 (DOI:10.1159/000449244)
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Improved Necker Cube Drawing-Based Assessment Battery for Constructional Apraxia: The Mie Constructional Apraxia Scale (MCAS)

Satoh M. · Mori C. · Matsuda K. · Ueda Y. · Tabei K. · Kida H. · Tomimoto H.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:424-436 (DOI:10.1159/000449245)
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Lack of Frank Agrammatism in the Nonfluent Agrammatic Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia

Graham N.L. · Leonard C. · Tang-Wai D.F. · Black S. · Chow T.W. · Scott C.J.M. · McNeely A.A. · Masellis M. · Rochon E.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:407-423 (DOI:10.1159/000448944)
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Physical Fitness in Older People Recently Diagnosed with Cognitive Impairment Compared to Older People Recently Discharged from Hospital

Hesseberg K. · Bergland A. · Rydwik E. · Brovold T.
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:396-406 (DOI:10.1159/000447534)
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Review Article

Clinical Recommendations for the Use of Donepezil 23 mg in Moderate-to-Severe Alzheimer's Disease in the Asia-Pacific Region

Sabbagh M. · Han S. · Kim S. · Na H.-R. · Lee J.-H. · Kandiah N. · Phanthumchinda K. · Suthisisang C. · Senanarong V. · Pai M.-C. · Narilastri D. · Sowani A.M. · Ampil E. · Dash A. · for the Asia-Pacific Expert Panel (APEX) for Donepezil 23 mg
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2016;6:382-395 (DOI:10.1159/000448214)
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