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Subject Guide: Clinical Nutrition

Current Publications
2017 available

Nutrition and Growth

Editor(s): Phillip M. (Petah Tikva) 

Growth, Nutrition and Genetics

2013 available

International Congress of Nutrition / Nutrimenthe International Conference

20th International Congress of Nutrition, Granada, September 2013 / Nutrimenthe International Conference, Granada, September 2013: Abstracts

Editor(s): Gil A. (Granada)  Martínez J.A. (Pamplona)  Campoy C. (Granada)  Koletzko B. (Munich) 

Vol. 77, 2013 available

The Importance of Immunonutrition

77th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Panama, October-November 2012

Editor(s): Makrides M. (North Adelaide, S.A.)  Ochoa J.B. (Florham Park, N.J.)  Szajewska H. (Warsaw) 

A pediatric perspective

Vol. 108, 2013 available

Evidence-Based Research in Pediatric Nutrition

Editor(s): Szajewska H. (Warsaw)  Shamir R. (Petach-Tikva) 

A summary of current knowledge and unresolved issues

Vol. 76, 2013 available

Limits of Human Endurance

76th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Oxford, August 2012

Editor(s): van Loon L.J.C. (Maastricht)  Meeusen R. (Brussels) 

How to improve exercise performance capacity through adequate nutrition

Vol. 107, 2013 available

Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-Being

Editor(s): Guarino A. (Naples)  Quigley E.M.M. (Cork)  Walker W.A. (Boston, Mass.) 

An update on intestinal microbiota and probiotics

Vol. 70, 2012 available

Meeting Micronutrient Requirements for Health and Development

70th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Cebu, March 2011

Editor(s): Bhutta Z.A. (Karachi)  Hurrell R.F. (Zurich)  Rosenberg I.H. (Boston, Mass.) 

Micronutrients and their significance in pregnancy and early childhood